Who is it?

What is it? It’s small, clumsy, fussy and always hungry! Your inner goodness won’t let you abandon that little guy! Take care of this creature and enjoy adventures together. In Hex Journey you guide your little creature through a strange and fantastic world filled with mysterious plants and objects.


Take care of your creature

You have to make sure your creature is well fed. Luckily, every now and then you come across fruits and other food. You can take some of the food with you in your magical pockets. You have to decide whether you want to eat the rest so it doesn’t go to waste or leave it behind because carrying too many things causes the creature to get tired faster.

Creature Creature Creature

Real treasures

Sometimes you find a treasure. A real treasure. Who knows how long it’s been there before you discovered it? Who knows what’s inside? Opening the container won’t always be easy. Some containers can be opened in a specific way, opening others will require force. Just don’t damage whatever’s inside. Maybe it’s some food? Or a magical elixir? Or objects that let you create something that will become useful later on during your journey? Does the world you’re travelling through end somewhere? What awaits you on your path? We won’t answer this question because every path is different.

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You will find components during your journey. Do you want to have bigger bag? No problem, mix liana, stone and leather to enlarge you backpack. Do you need more runes? Mix empty plate with crystals to obtain runes you need!


Find new skins

During your journey you will find different ways to acquire new look for your creature.

Skin Choices

Key features

Procedurally generated levels = endless fun

Always hungry creature.

Eat it before it's too late!

Dozens of animations in response to the current situation.

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